Anne and Daisy

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Last week our lovely Norweigian friends visited us to say goodbye, they decided to go home. We were sad about it, but happy ’cause they will have beautiful life there. Anne, Daisy don’t forget your Hungarian friends, we think of you so much also! We took this cute pic of our last meeting.

Anne and Daisy


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We gave back my lovely friend, Daisy. She had been staying here almost one month, it was pretty enought to become straight member of this pack. Take a look at her dirty nose, it is telling what she was doing during staying here. If you can not find it out, watch the New Year’s video again. :-)  She promised me, will be visiting us whenever her mum has spare-time. Don’t forget your promise Daisy baby, we miss you soooo much! The last photo was taken in the car:


Final countdown

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This is the final day for us to be with Daisy. We are going to give her back soon. We took some pics of the last walk.

Blind date

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The following article could be read in the Hidegkúti News: ” An old, good-looking gentleman is seeking his partner with full piggy-bank who is interested in hunting, eating, sleeping.” Many photos recieved to our editorial office. Loads of beautiful girls were interested in this man. The beautiful coloured, skinny Bambi, the pretty Kyra with perfect cooking skill, Molly the outgoing girl with amazing markings, Daisy the lovely, sportish young lady, Beagle with strong body and neat legs etc. etc. But there was somebody who did not send pic but was interested in hunting, sleeping and eating exactly. So, there was no doubt to go out for a dinner with this strange person. Hmm-hmm, you can see the result of this blind date… :-)

Merlin & Spenót

New Year’s walk

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Running into the New Year

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Letter from Daisy to her mom

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Hey Mommy,

Don’t worry about me! I am really happy here. The others are so lovely, my landlord and lady are so good with me. (The food is really delicious here :-) Here is a jack russel terrier, named Kifli who looks like me. It was funny when we first met, I thought it was my model… But she must be crazy, sleeping with the cats. Oh, my God she is a dog not a cat! Shame on her! I could not see the cats, mightbe they are locked in the house. The couple speak different language but I could understand that they are affraid of that I want hunting for the cats but I am not really interested in them. The weather is really cold now but we have super heat-insulated houses so nobody is cold. I am a really good girl, they can walk with me without leash. I enjoy the snow and this big- big team, so please take me for long walks here when you come back. I dreamed about you, hope you are fine!

Many kisses to you!

Your lovely dog, Daisy

I send a photo which was taken today.

Daisy in the snow

New comers

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Three new members joined to the pack. Kifli was arrived in the mornnig, then Frida, finally Daisy was collected in the city. We walked in the snow covered field. They were happy and enjoyed that nowhere is salted here. We will take some pics tomorrow, ’cause Frida was as white as could not be seen in the snow, Kifli and Daisy were just a spotted something in the field… :-)